We’ll help you both focus on your kids

“The course has really helped me think of new ways to deal with the ex-partner.”

“There’s a lot of info that’s hard to find elsewhere.”  

Parenting is hard at the best of times, let alone when you are struggling with the pain and stress of a relationship break-down, divorce or separation. The Parenting Through Separation programme is free to attend and has already helped thousands of New Zealand families to more effectively deal with separation.

What you’ll learn:

The Parenting Through Separation programme provides you with practical advice to help you and your children cope. You’ll learn tips on how to better communicate with your ex-partner and how to plan for your children once you are legally separated. After the programme, you’ll be better able to:

  • discuss arrangements for your child’s care with your ex-partner
  • talk with your children about separation
  • keep your children away from conflict
  • make a parenting plan
  • find other support services in your community

You are not required to attend the same programme as your ex-partner. A supportive family member is also welcome to attend and – you’ll take home some helpful resources.

Programme format:

Family Works delivers the Parenting Through Separation courses on demand in the upper South Island. The programme is run as either:

  • one, four hour session
  • two, two-hour sessions

For current programme dates visit the events section of this website.

A Family Works – Ministry of Justice Partnership.

Parenting Through Separation is an Ministry of Justice initiative. Family Works delivers the programme in the upper South Island.

Where to start?

  • Contact one of the Family Works sites below to find out more about Parenting through Separation.
  • View events to see if the Parenting through Separation programme is running in your area.

“There’s a lot of info that’s hard to find elsewhere.”

“It was thought provoking and useful.”

“The strategies I learned have improved our home life and my relationship with the kids.“

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