KINECT clients had a welcoming and unexpected gift over Christmas, benefiting more than just the children.


A story of corporate giving

A few days before Christmas 2015, the residents at KINECT, our supported accommodation and community support service in Christchurch received some unexpected Christmas gifts.

Donated by The Dream Trust, the charitable arm of local firm ENGEO Limited, the gifts were intended to show KINECT clients that people within their community support them and care.

“We understand that the Christmas period can be tough on a lot of people so we thought that [$100] Prezzie cards would provide some relief and freedom to the people at KINECT over this period,” says Regan King, Geotechnical Engineer at ENGEO. We believed that giving them the freedom to get what they actually wanted was the most effective way for us to show our support.”

ENGEO, with support from Springfree Trampolines, also donated a trampoline. It is already well-used and, while it is loved by the children, KINECT Practice Leader, Emily McDonald laughs that its presence has had an unexpected benefit for staff-client relations. “We have stroppy teenagers who often lose their temper. The tramp often gets used to blow off steam!”

Emily adds that the Prezzie cards were thoughtful and very helpful. “Most clients bought new clothes for themselves and some much needed footwear. The houses smell much nicer since the purchase of shoes!”

She adds “We are extremely grateful to ENGEO. They are so kind and generous with their donations and we are very appreciative.”