Ashburton  Builds Financial Capability

Ashburton Builds Financial Capability

Ashburton Builds Financial Capability

Family Works recently won the contract to deliver the Ministry of Social
Development’s new-look ‘Building Financial Capabilities’ service in Mid
Canterbury and Selwyn districts.

“We are delighted to be able to continue to help families and individuals in Mid Canterbury to improve their financial acumen,” says Presbyterian Support Mid Canterbury Regional Manger, Jackie Girvan. “Budgeting is only one part of being financially capable,” she says. “For families and individuals facing hardship, there are often multiple and complex factors at play. Having the flexibility to address these in tandem makes sense and is an approach that Family Works has championed since 2014.

Under the Financial Capabilities Service model, clients will have access to Financial Mentors and to small group ‘MoneyMates’ education and support.

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