Mums you’re in luck. Dads… not so much

Mums you’re in luck. Dads… not so much

With less than four weeks to go until Kids Dress a Grown Up Day on 13th May, it seems daughters want glamour and sons want a laugh, when it comes to choosing their parents’ outfits for the day.

The Family Works team have been busy having ‘dress rehearsal’s’ with their children and grandchildren in preparation for Kids Dress a Grown Up Day.

Chris Walsh, Family Works Regional Manager for Nelson was recently dressed by son, Michael (nine). “Michael’s shark onesie didn’t fit me so he picked out a jester’s hat, sunnies, because they’re cool, and some bling from his Mum’s jewellery box,” said Chris.

Father of three, Johnny, says his sons (aged five and three) were excited about the idea of dressing their Dad for the day. “Their eyes lit up!” he said. “They really liked the idea of Daddy going to work in a funny outfit.” “Luckily, they went for the first items they saw which was a bit mix and match but not too embarrassing!” he said.

On the other hand, when Clementine (four) dressed her Auntie Lydia for a week, she gave careful consideration to her aunt’s favourite colour and was of the firm belief that you can never have too much floral. “Clementine took such care in choosing my outfits,” said Lydia. “We had such a special time together, which you don’t often get with your siblings’ children.”

Suse (dressed by daughter Ivy, five) was also impressed with the care her daughter took to “make Mummy look soooo pretty!” ” How could I argue? How can I not feel like the queen my daughter thinks me to be?” she said, and headed to work in A LOT of jewellery.

Kids Dress a Grown Up Day is a fundraiser for Family Works in Nelson, one of the region’s oldest social service agencies.

“We’re asking offices and sports teams to get in on the fun, let their kids choose their outfits and turn up to work or practise with a gold coin,” said Family Works Regional Manager, Chris Walsh. “It’s a lighthearted way to celebrate what we have in own lives and to recognise and support those who live without the safety and protection we take for granted,” he said.

In Nelson-Tasman, the organisation provides counselling; home based social work; family workers in schools and kindergartens; youth counselling and the Family Works Youth Service.