New Bikes for Some Deserving Kids. Thanks Night n’ Day!

Thanks to Fairfax Media and Nelson Mail for the video.

When Night ‘n Day Foodstores Ltd were looking for some deserving children to receive new bikes, Presbyterian Support was the first organization they turned to. Sure enough, we were easily able to identify worthy local recipients through our Family Works SWiS (Social Workers in Schools) service.

Recently, Night ‘n Day held their annual conference at the Grand Mecure Monaco Resort in Nelson, where they engaged in a charity bike build. Competing against each other in teams, frantic franchisees raced against the clock to solve puzzles to earn bike parts, which they then used to build nine complete new bikes.
Nine children from four local schools received the new bikes—to the surprise and delight of franchisees and children alike.

Night ‘n Day is proud to support local community and school groups. Their bike sponsorship for the Family Works SWiS children is very much in line with their other activities.

About Family Works SWiS

Each school involved in the bike build—Nelson Intermediate and Victory Primary, and Parklands and Motueka South—has an ongoing partnership with Family Works SWiS.
Family Works SWiS (Social Workers in Schools) is a special service for Decile 1-3 schools, where a social worker is embedded in the school to assist children as needed. If a child is struggling to learn or fit in, the SWiS worker will work alongside the child’s family, whānau and school staff to help the child understand his/her identity and develop a sense of belonging. Together they work to create a safe and healthy environment, to encourage engagement with learning, and to identify ways to improve behaviours and relationships.

SWiS in Nelson and Motueka worked with 139 children and their families over the last 12 months and is increasing with several members within the families providing a helping hand up.

If you would like to read more about SWiS, click here.
You can also find out if SWiS is available in your region.