On being strong

On being strong

Vaughan Speaks – a word from our CEO

These days the word resilience is more fashionable than the idea of people being strong. Resilience is widely used to describe how people bounce back and cope with difficulties and setbacks. Like any popular word it can be overused or used in such a way that the depth of meaning is lost.

Resilience is not a single or easily identified point or act in our lives. It is part of a dynamic process of adapting to changing circumstances. Often being resilient and bouncing back is a slow and painful process. Usually it takes courage, determination, perseverance, and the ability to front into the reality of a situation and keep on keeping on in a different way. Sometimes we have what it takes within ourselves, but more often than not, we draw on our sense of spirituality, and the love, care, and skill of others to help.

Staff here continually explore the value of being strong, of being able to tap into the strengths we have individually and alongside others in family and community, to develop new levels of functioning and wellbeing.

Presbyterian Support Upper South Island staff frequently recount amazing stories of how ordinary people do extraordinary things to help themselves or others get through. We are all better and stronger when resilience is nurtured through healthy and accountable relationships within family, and through the natural support networks that are part of everyday life in our neighbourhoods, schools and workplaces. People helping people is the heart of community.