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Dennis Moore Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship fund to enable West Coast young people, who reside there permanently, to gain a scholarship to further their education.

About the fund

The Reverend Dennis Moore was a Presbyterian Minister who served in the parish of Ross, South Westland, for many years. Throughout his life and ministry, Dennis showed a keen interest in people and was especially concerned for young people in need.

When he died in 1999 he left a bequest to Presbyterian Support. After discussions with his family, Presbyterian Support believed it appropriate to set aside $10,000 of his bequest per annum to form a permanent legacy to his commitment to young people on the West Coast.

Following further consultation with the Union parishes on the West Coast and the Moore family, Presbyterian Support established a fund to enable young people permanently residing on the West Coast to gain a scholarship to further their education. The fund also promotes life skills programmes in schools, and provides training of youth leaders.

When does the fund open?

The application process is now open for 2021. Applications close 19th October 2021.

How to apply

Click here to view and download the application form.

Click here to view and download the terms of reference

For further information, please contact either:

Rosalie Lau
Presbyterian Support
P. 0800 477 874 or  03 363 8201


Thelma Efford

Uniting Church Council, Greymouth
P. 03 768 6414

The awards committee

Andrew Johnston

Dennis Moore relative and Presbyterian Support Board Chair

Barry Helem

Presbyterian Support Upper South Island CEO

Thelma Efford

Uniting Church Council member

Application forms

Application forms will be sent to West Coast schools each year.

This service is available at: