Learning social skills through play

Young people can find it very difficult to communicate their thoughts and feelings using words, as adults do.

Play therapy is a specific approach to counselling that uses play and creative tasks to help improve social skills and communication. A trained Family Works Play Therapist usually works one-to-one with children aged between six and 12 years old. In some instances, the therapist will arrange small group activities.

How we help:

Through play therapy your child will

  • Feel safe and unpressured.
  • Gradually recognise and evaluate their unconscious thoughts and feelings.
  • Find a non-threatening way to release feelings such as anxiety, disappointment, fear, aggression and confusion.
  • Develop safe coping skills increased resilience.

Where to start:

  • Contact one of the Family Works sites below to find out more about the Play Therapy for Children.

This service is available at: