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We are child-centred and family-focused.

We deliver social services to support children and families to learn, grow and thrive. We offer counselling and social work support for children and families, along with a range of group programmes. We also partner with others to prevent family violence and strengthen communities.

Our Approach

Our approach

Our approach recognises the strengths of every family and supports them to build on these strengths and achieve their goals.

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With our support…

  • Children feel safe, loved and cared for
  • Families are strengthened
  • Communities become places of support
  • New Zealand can become the best place to raise children

There is no guide book when it comes to parenting. Fortunately, Family Works offers a number of parenting programmes designed to help you – and your children, thrive.

When parents separate, it can be a stressful time for the whole family. It’s better for everyone if you can sort out your children’s day-to-day care outside of the Family Court.

We’ll work alongside your family to build healthy relationships, help you work through issues and support you all as you become a source of safety and strength for each other.

Boy smiling white background, counselling for children

Family Works provides support for your child or children to help them feel safe, grow strong and feel connected to those around them as they develop and grow.


Things don’t always turn out at you planned. If you’re a young person and things aren’t working out, Family Works is here to support you.