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Become the parent you’d like to be.

There is no guide book when it comes to parenting. Fortunately, Family Works offers a number of parenting programmes designed to help you – and your children, thrive.

counselling separation

Read how we've helped Parenting Through Separation Programme

Learn how to parent better while going through separation. Group Parenting Through Separation courses delivered by trained programme leaders.

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Mum, dad young child smiling together as family/families, counselling for families

Read how we've helped Counselling for Families

We’re here to help when life, events or issues feel too big for you work through on your own.

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Read how we've helped The Incredible Years

In a group setting, you’ll learn how to identify and manage potentially-problem behaviours more confidently.

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Read how we've helped Tuning Into Kids

Tuning Into Kids is a parenting programme that aims to give parents helpful ways of teaching their child the skills of emotional intelligence. The programme teaches parents how they can help their child develop good emotional skills.

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Read how we've helped Tuning Into Teens

Tuning Into Teens is designed to support parents establish stronger relationships with their teenage children. The programme provides parents with a greater understanding of their teen's developmental needs and emotional experiences.

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