Magical Parenting Moment

Magical Parenting Moment

How to have a Magical Parenting Moment – and still make the school run.

Weekday mornings in our house aren’t always fun. Clothes aren’t donned, teeth aren’t cleaned nor beds tidied with any kind of military precision. Often, in fact, it feels quite the opposite.

This morning, however, things were different. This morning, breakfast was had, dishwashers emptied, hair brushed AND (yes AND, in capitals) quite delightfully, I had a magical parenting moment. Not even a moment – twenty minutes of mutually adoring, loving, harmonic bliss.

The reason? Kids Dress Grown Up Day.

How could asking your five year old to “please choose my outfit for work today” possibly produce a Magical Parenting Moment?

I’m telling you. It did. Here’s how it worked:

  1. The night before: We’ve got two daughters (aged five and eight). Last night at dinner they tossed a coin to see who would dress whom (well, accessorise Dad).
  2. We explained the rules and that this could only happen once the girls were up, dressed and all packed for school.
  3. The morning of: Bingo! Without any prompting, by 7:45am, Miss Five was in the closet reviewing my clothes and Miss Eight had selected blue and yellow nail polish (sorry Crusaders) because Dad is a Highlanders fan.

What followed was parent-child bonding at its most beautiful. Most days, it’s us fanning love over our children. This morning, the deliberation, the care and the obvious concern about showing Mum and Dad in their best light, wrapped around us like a warm fog.

So, today I sit here at my desk, in my shoes selected for their pretty flowers, my shirt selected “because it’s beautiful” and my bracelet, earrings, brooch, and, ahem, sparkly hairpiece, chosen because “ooooh, Mum I want you to be the prettiest Mummy today.” How could I argue? How can I not feel, like the queen my daughter thinks me to be?

I’m so in love with my kids today.

Now, Kids Dress a Grown Up Day is actually on May 13. I highly recommend you sign up. It’s a fundraiser for Family Works and, as the blurb says, is “a light-hearted way to celebrate what we have in our own lives and to recognise and support those who live without the safety and protection we take for granted.”

Head into work, share your Magical Parenting Moment with your colleagues. Raise funds for a good cause!

Facebook: Kids Dress a Grown Up Day.