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Family Workers in Schools & Kindergartens

Help for you and your child via school

Family Workers in Schools and Kindergartens is a Family Works initiative to give help and support to children in some schools and kindergartens throughout the upper South Island.

Our Family Workers may work with you as a parent, counsel your child one-to-one, or support your child in ways better suited to meet their rights and needs.

How we help

You can refer yourself to our Family Worker in Schools and Kindergartens service. It is free. Contact us if you are worried about:

  • Your child’s emotional wellbeing
  • Things that may be preventing your child from learning and enjoying school/kindergarten
  • How well you are parenting your child
  • Your child’s relationships within the family

What we do

Our Family Workers are there as:

  • Emotional support and a listening ear
  • A neutral advocate for children and their families
  • Someone to talk to in confidence

Where to start

  1. Contact us via this website to find participating schools and kindergartens in your area
  2. Contact your school administration
  3. Visit our Events page to find out more about community-based parenting programmes

“I learnt how to better express my feelings and ideas.”

This service is available at:

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