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Social Workers in Schools

Help with learning and social skills at school

Social Workers in Schools (SWiS) is a government initiative created to help children in lower decile primary schools feel safe, confident and fully engaged in learning.

If your child is struggling to learn or to fit in, and attends a decile 1-3 school, you can ask for help!

We work alongside families/whānau and school staff to help your child develop a sense of belonging and an interest in school and learning.

How we help

We’ll support your child to reach their potential:

  • We’ll explore your family/ whānau strengths and work with those to help your child to understand their identity and their sense of belonging
  • We’ll work with you to create a safe, healthy environment for your child/children
  • We’ll work alongside you and your child’s teachers to find ways to encourage their engagement with learning
  • We’ll work with you, your child, and teachers to find ways to overcome behaviours or improve relationships that are causing problems
  • We’ll provide group programmes for children that help with confidence and new skills to manage situations

Where to start

It’s your decision whether or not to engage in the SWiS programme. Contact us today to ask any questions.

  • Contact us via this website
  • Contact your school administration

“I cannot imagine a more positive outcome for my kids than what occurred.”

This service is available at:

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