White Ribbon NZ Ambassador – Barry Helem

White Ribbon NZ Ambassador – Barry Helem

We are super excited and proud to announce our CEO Barry Helem is now officially a White Ribbon NZ Ambassador!

Presbyterian Support Upper South Island are delighted to announce that our CEO, Barry Helem, has been confirmed as a White Ribbon Ambassador.

The White Ribbon campaign has been operating in New Zealand since 2004 and is a social change campaign aiming to transform attitudes around violence, specifically men’s violence towards women.

Sadly, New Zealand has one of the worst records for family violence in the developed world. New Zealand Police conduct more than 100,000 family violence investigations each year with over 3,500 convictions recorded against men for assaults on women.

The White Ribbon campaign empowers local communities and men to take part in conversations about violence and work toward a non-violent future by modelling positive behaviour. This “modelling” is epitomised by White Ribbon Amabassadors who lead the campaign by conveying key messages directly to their communities.

We are extremely proud that Barry will be actively supporting this important kaupapa and if you would like to know more about Barry’s involvement or the White Ribbon Campaign, click here.